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From the moment you step into Yarraville, particularly into the Village located around Anderson and Ballarat Streets, it's as if for a moment you've stepped back in time to when things were more simple. When popping out to get some groceries meant that you were able shop at a local greengrocer, when wanting a fresh pastry meant that it was baked on the premises and if you wanted to buy a gift, some homewares or some new threads, local traders were your go to. In recent years, the spirit and charm of Yarraville has become what it was in the old days. 

Yarraville offers great dining, entertainment and activities all at arms reach in addition to an environment that accommodates to families, couples, singles and people of all ages. 

What more can we say? Yarraville has the heart of many in the inner west. At around only 8kms west of the Melbourne CBD, the City and its surrounds is just so accessible from this amazing suburb. Catering to just about everyone's desires, Yarraville is a comfortable fit for all. With amazing homes, great things to eat and new things to see all the time, you should definitely check out this fabulous place.

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