Harri Riede

Harri Riede

Property Management & Leasing

(03) 9392 1878

[email protected]

About Harri

You know when you meet someone that just radiates? Well, that's Harri... she just exudes such a calm and collected nature that filters through the office.

Harri is not only an amazing person, but is also very experienced in what she does. She has been in the Industry for many years and has even spent time in London working in property, and is also studying Interior Design.

Harri is a real people pleaser, she is very caring and loves diversity in people. This is reflected in her approach towards her clients and her work and is definitely received by her team mates around the office.

When we asked Harri about what she loves about her work and what she wants to give her clients, she told us that she just wants to make the renting process simple. That's all - comprehensive but, no fuss.

As a tenant or a landlord, you'll just love working with Harri.

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