Traci Charles

Traci Charles

Sales Consultant

+61 425 717 489

(03) 8398 7800

[email protected]

About Traci

Traci is a long time resident of Yarraville. And, in a past life even owned and ran a restaurant in the Village for many years. With so much passion for the area and her community, has spent several years thereafter helping people to achieve their goals in buying and selling in and around the Village.

A down to earth, no fuss, no nonsense approach to everything, Traci is just about the best example you will find of a consultant dedicated to helping her clients to get what THEY want.

She has a great sense of humour and a caring demeanour, but don't be fooled by her kind and empathetic nature - she is no pushover! She succeeds in achieving amazing things for her clients WITHOUT the need for old school real estate tactics.

Traci tells us that her main priority is to get the best results for her clients, with NO STRESS. How does she do this? Communication, communication, communication (oh and just being really good at what she does).

With her lifelong love of food and dining, Traci still always makes time to experience the amazing restaurants and food that our area and Melbourne has to offer, and luckily for her - her partner is a chef too!

If you're looking for results, but want to work with a great communicator and someone that is genuine, then give Traci a call.

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