Rachel Rankin

Rachel Rankin


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About Rachel

Rachel is more than a wife to our Director Marty, she is a superstar unto her own. Her drive, ambition and desire for just about everything is purely inspiring.

Rach has worked on and off alongside Marty cracking the whip in areas of administration and executive support for many years but, her own amazing achievements have been hugely in renovating properties, managing building projects, design AND in addition to running a household full of girls!

She is also developing a great work space for the Village team through managing the process of renovations and upgrades to our offices too! Not only that, Rachel is involved in organising events both internally and from a community perspective.

Easy going, happy, friendly and a true delight (honestly, the staff don't jump or scatter just because the bosses wife has walked in the office), we all think she is a wonderful asset to have, and is the calming (and driving) force behind Marty.