Cassandra Dickson

Cassandra Dickson

Property Manager

+61 488 554 332

(03) 9392 1878

[email protected]

About Cassandra

Cassandra or Cassy as we affectionately know her, is the kind of person that we all love to be around because she is just so nice!

We never have to guess what kind of mood she is in because her smile gives it away. When chocolates and flowers arrive at the office we all know who they are for...yep, Cassy...AGAIN!

She is also so super organised. Cassy has the ability to effectively prioritise and just get the job done - without any fuss. It's exactly what a Asset manager should be, right? She does it all while spreading that infectious personality and charm.

Cassy loves being challenged, that's why she is so versatile in the busy and demanding environment that is real estate. She gets her job satisfaction from providing amazing service and building REAL relationships with her clients.

In a previous life, Cassy was in customer service in the car and motorbike industries, then stepped over to Real Estate and worked really hard from the ground up in her career - making her seriously committed to being an amazing asset manager.

Outside of the Village, her time is spent with her partner and two children, and tells us that she LOVES the footy (just the Geelong Cats though...) and in the summer - it's all about cricket!

We love Cassy, and we know you will too!

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