Renee Moore

Renee Moore

Operations Manager

(03) 8398 7800

[email protected]

About Renee

Renee has naturally progressed into our Operations Manager role. One thing you might not know about Renee, is that in a previous life she was an award winning professional dancer, then moved on to travel the world as a flight attendant, and since 2007 decided to drive her career within the real estate industry.

Renee's previous experience within our industry has been in CRM and database management solutions, sales administration, marketing coordination and then on to office management having meant that she has really organically grown alongside the ever changing industry.

Nothing is ever too hard or too bothersome for Renee (there are not eye rolls, she just gets stuff done). She manages to pull all elements of her role together to always achieve the right outcome, and to continually improve systems and drive change.

Renee tells us that she loves real estate, and her role with Village. Put simply, Renee says that "Real Estate feels like home here at Village".

If you cross paths with Renee, we know you'll understand how great she is.