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Marty Rankin

Managing Director

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About Marty

Marty's first experience with a real estate agent was so bad he decided he would become one... to save people from the torment he went through! That was ages ago...2003 in fact. He's had quite a bit of experience since then and has seen pretty much everything... the GFC and booming markets and has dealt with just about everything real estate dishes up on a daily basis. You could say he's been around the real estate block.

Marty met his business partner Huss in 2009 and instantly became best mates. After working in a few different agencies they have combined the good and ditched the bad from their experience and created a new kind of real estate... and we think it's pretty cool.

If you ask Marty what he really thinks about the industry, there would definitely be a few swear words included but, he did tone it down a little. Here it is:

"There was all the BS in real estate that started in the mid 1990's when agents worked out that they could get sellers to pay a lot of money for marketing, which was actually just paying for the agents branding. Bigger brands, bigger egos, and bigger cars. Someone had to pay for it... and the list goes on! Combine this with an Authority that protects the Agents and not the Vendors and you have a recipe for disaster. Well... that's what happened to me when I sold my first home. The Village Real Estate system puts the client first. Always. No exceptions. Ever."

There was heaps more from Marty but you get the drift.

Here are some things about Marty you might not know:
He moved to Melbourne from Adelaide in 1994 to play drums...he was a pro drummer! How funny is that!!??
He has a son Brad who is a MUCH better drummer than Marty ever was.
Marty's wife, Rachel bought a house from him in 2004 (before they even knew each other) and Rachel decided to ask him out on a date! Later, they married in 2008 in The Bank restaurant in Yarraville.
They have a daughter Lily together, and Marty is step-dad to Rachel's 3 older girls Chloe, Olivia and Gabrielle.
Marty used to play footy for West Adelaide (really?)
He went to an agricultural high school to learn how to run a farm (if you know Marty this is the funniest bit for us....)

Enough about Marty... If you are looking for a progressive agency, then give Marty a call.

What others have said about Marty

Hi Marty and the Village team, We would like to say a massive thank you for the amazing result with the sale of our house There were some initial concerns about 'Village RE' being so new but we knew of Marty's experience and reputation (from friends) and decided Village RE had something to prove! The whole process has been very efficient, we were able to choose a tailored marketing campaign and the photos were excellent. The communication was faultless. We knew where we were at every stage and when it became apparent that we wouldn't be going to auction, Marty worked very hard to bring it to a very successful conclusion, signing contracts at 10pm. We will be spreading the word! Thanks again and good luck with the new venture, we are sure it is going to be a great success. Kind regards Tara & Ben M

Tara & Ben M.

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